Jared Young

Into the Current

When a plane flying between Bangkok and Tokyo explodes mid-flight, ex-pat Daniel Solomon is hurled into the sky. He awakens to find himself floating in the atmosphere, where time, it seems, has stopped. From this vantage point, and through interwoven memories, Daniel retraces the series of events that led him to board the doomed flight: the revelation of his high-school girlfriend’s dark secret; his subsequent escape to Southeast Asia, where he found work writing bogus entrance essays for ambitious young Thais applying to Ivy League schools; and the unexpected pregnancy that threatened his newly-found paradise. In his suspended state, Daniel is able to re-experience his entire life (and who hasn’t had that fantasy?), from the childhood events that still haunt him to the imagined future of his unborn daughter.

Deliciously stylish, filled with satire, and laced with sophisticated humour, Into the Current breaks open the novel form and questions the very nature of narration  ̶  on the page, in life, and perhaps somewhere in between. Into the Current captures the zeitgeist of twenty-somethings searching for themselves through the lens of overseas experience.

Rights available: World, excluding English-language rights in Canada (Goose Lane).

Category: Literary Fiction    Length: 378

Praise for Into the Current:

“Welcome to Into the Current, the philosophical, disturbing and funny first novel by Jared Young, who manages to keep you guessing, right to the end.”

Ottawa Citizen

“. . .an incisive novel on gender and what it means to truly love someone.”

– Globe and Mail

“Young is a gifted and subtle writer . . . this novel is unquestionably a great deal of fun and a terrific read.”

– Corey Redecop, Publisher’s Weekly

“With deft, addictive prose and description that is rich in all the right ways and places, Young’s narrative will affect anyone with even the tiniest penchant for self-reflective nostalgia.”

– Becky Robertson, Quill and Quire

“A vertiginous, disorienting thrill ride that marks the emergence of an excellent new voice.”

– Hal Niedzviecki, author of The Archeologists

Into the Current is a tornado of a quarter-life-crisis novel: a fast-paced, funny, philosophical, international, unforgettable romp through sex, death, regret, and all the other small-and-large moments taht make up a life cleverly remembered.”

– Todd Babiak, author of Come Barbarians


Jared Young’s writing has appeared in various magazines, literary journals, and newspapers around the world, and has been anthologized by McSweeney’s. Jared lives in Ottawa, where by day, he is the creative director at the McMillan advertising agency. Into the Current is Jared’s first novel.


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